Entry 8: About fixing this blog . . .

At approximately 2:23:05 a.m., we left our primary sleeping throne, entered our hands’ sleeping room, climbed up on his bed, and sat on his chest in order to receive the first of our regularly scheduled grooming sessions. We do this every morning, so that was not unusual, but what was out of the ordinary was that we used this grooming session as an opportunity to explain to our hands how he could salvage our blog from the grievous errors he’d introduced when he first launched it a few days ago. Our hands, typical in so many ways, immediately began to protest that he had only followed our instructions and therefore he could not be held responsible for any problems. We quickly shut down his excuses by admonishing him to abandon his feeble imitation of his current president (who also, apparently, never makes mistakes, but only suffers setbacks because of the incompetence of his staff). This scolding left our hands sufficiently chastened and he agreed to rectify the blog’s difficulties. So, from now on, this blog will operate like any other blog, with posts appearing periodically on the Home page, the most recent being the first one a reader will encounter upon visiting. And, like other blogs, the older posts will linger below the most recent one, accumulating one after another in reverse chronological order. However, we have had our hands establish a Chronological Archive which has been appended to the About page. This will allow those who desire to experience this blog in the proper order, as it was intended, to do so, albeit with a lot of scrolling action. We hope these changes will enhance a reader’s enjoyment of this blog though, frankly, we don’t really care all that much about your enjoyment; mostly we just want more hands to pay attention to us and what we have to say. If that means playing more by traditional blogging rules, so be it. Believe us, we are painfully aware of how limited most hands are, how resistant you are to anything remotely innovative. As such, we will, somewhat reluctantly, cater to your weaknesses. No need to thank us; it was literally the least we could do.